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Angelica Extract (Liquid Alcohol Free Herb)
Liquid Angelica Herb


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Liquid Angelica Herb

Liquid angelica is great for supporting a healthy digestive system as long as the preservative is NOT alcohol. Alcohol kills the majority of the nutritional value in the herb and doesn't give you much, if any results. HoneyCombs angelica is preserved with a vegetable glycerin so you get the nutrients you want. Liquid is always easier for people with a weak digestive system, children and elderly to absorb the product and get results. We use the highest quality angelica herb without any fillers or harmful ingredients.

Other names for Angelica

Angelica archangelica, garden angelica and wild parsnip.

What is Angelica?
Angelica herb has a tall green stock that is hollow, that produce purple leaves and blooms white flowers. Angelica resembles plants such as carrots, dill and is also related to dong-quai. Mainly, the roots of the Angelica plant are used in herbal extracts and tea, but the whole plant can, and is, used for many things such as fragrance for perfume and oils. Angelica products are mainly in capsule form or found in tea ingredients used to soothe the stomach.

Angelica Nutritional Properties

  • Angelicin
  • Angelic Acid
  • Linoleic Acid
  • Safrole
  • Scopoletin
  • Valeric oil

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