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Are HoneyCombs product right for you? The human body needs key elements to stay healthy and strong. Getting products with the highest level of these elements available will save you time and money. To insure we provide our costumers’ with the highest quality products, we took a few extra steps to get there.

We started by manufacturing our product using a cold pressed process and preserving them with a vegetable glycerin instead of alcohol. What does this mean for you? Cold pressed is a process that breaks down the nutrients with minimal heat so no damage is caused to the raw ingredients.

Our products are preserved in vegetable glycerin. Why? Everything that grows has its own enzymes and co enzymes to break itself down when needed. This is why plants will eventually rot away after being picked from the ground. Your digestive system uses these enzymes to digest the food you eat, if the food or product doesn’t have its own enzymes, it will rob them from your body. To keep enzymes alive, it must stay in a liquid form that preserves it. Drying the product or using alcohol to preserve it will kill the enzymes and most of the nutrition.

HoneyCombs manufacturing process has been delivering the best products to people looking to truly improve or maintain their health. Shop today to discover the best.

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